лого Катарусrussian группа вконтакте

Our contacts

  • Our site: www.catarus.ru
  • Our email: tacatarus@gmail.com
  • Mobile phone in Barcelona: +34 606923084
  • Whatsapp, Viber: +34 606923084
  • Skype: catrus777

We are happy to provide the following services:

  • We are organising various tours and excursions.
  • We are able to book a table in restaurant, tickets for shows such as Flamenco and sport events such as football, museum tickets etc.
  • We are organising transfers to/from various destinations.
  • We are providing a full support in property searching and purchasing processes.
  • We are giving advises related to education in Catalonia.
  • We are letting and selling yachts.

In 2012 Catarus won a regional competition in the category of 'The best business project' conducted by the Municipality


Contact information

  • Our email: tacatarus@gmail.com
  • Mobile number in Barcelona: +34 606923084 - Ilya
  • Skype - catrus777
  • Whatsapp - +34 606923084
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